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 Introducing The Entertaiment Career & Business Opportunities Directory - The New E-Book Directory That Features Over 40 Of The Top Career & Business Opportunities Currently Available In Live Entertainment
The Entertainment Career & Business Opportunities Directory Allows You To:

ECD-Cover-Plain.jpgcheck-mark-3-512.jpgLearn About The Excellent Earning Potential Of Entertainment Business Opportunities

check-mark-3-512.jpgOver 40 Top Entertainment Businesses Are Featured In This Professional Resource

check-mark-3-512.jpgHow You Can Earn Full-Time Income By Beginning Your Business Just Part-Time

check-mark-3-512.jpgEarn As Much In An Hour Or Two As Most People Earn In A Week Or More

check-mark-3-512.jpgLearn Why Entertainment Business Opportunities Are Different & Much Better Than Most Other Small Or Home-Based Businesses

check-mark-3-512.jpgHow To Select A Career Or Business Opportunity That Is Right For You

check-mark-3-512.jpgThe Best Opportuities For Generating BIG Profits WITHOUT Expensive Startups Costs

check-mark-3-512.jpgLearn Which Entertainment Opportunities Have The Greatest Earning & Income Potential

check-mark-3-512.jpgHow To Add Additional Sources Of Revenue To Your Entertainment Business To Create Multiple Streams Of Income And Even Greater Profits

Burst100.jpgcheck-mark-3-512.jpgHow And Where To Become Educated, Trained And Experienced In Your Choice Of Entertainment Opportunities

check-mark-3-512.jpgHow To Become A Local Celebrity And Authority On Your Entertainment Business

check-mark-3-512.jpgHow To Market And Promote Your Entertainment Business

check-mark-3-512.jpgThe Hottest Entertainment Opportunities Available Today

And Much, Much More!

Even if you know nothing about entertainment or business, this e-book personally guides you and breaks down each individual entertainment opportunity in a very easy to read and understand format.


Discover what Entrepreneur, Fortune, Money, Success, Small Business Opportunities, Start Your Own Business, Get Rich At Home magazines and leading experts all agree upon...
The Entertainment Career & Business Opportunities Directory is the most cost-effective way to explore, break down, and compare a variety of the best entertainment-based business and career opportunities that are available today.

check-mark-3-512.jpgLearn Which Opportunities Have The Greatest Income Potential
check-mark-3-512.jpgWhich Opportunities Can Be Started Immediately For $500 Or Less

check-mark-3-512.jpgWhich Opportunities You Can Run & Operate Without Any Special Entertainment Talent Or Experience

check-mark-3-512.jpgDiscover The Opportunities That Allow You To Be Both The Entertainer And The Business Behind The Scenes

check-mark-3-512.jpgLearn How These Opportunities Can Work For You & Be Successful Part-Time
Are You Currently Looking For Additional Income, A New Job Or Career Opportunity?

Are you unemployed, looking for a change, seeking a job you can enjoy rather than dread, desiring a better paying job, wanting to change your lifestyle, wanting to take control of your own earning potential, or wanting to spend more time with your family and friends? Well, the Entertainment industry might very well be the answer for you.

Entertainment Opportunities are perfect for…
 Students          Adults          Single Parents         Couples         Retirees & Senior Citizens
This is an ideal job for college students, as a second or part-time job, or even if you are just between jobs looking for some extra income. Entertainment opportunities offer benefits for many of today’s difficult situations and stressed economic times.
Are You Interested In Starting Your Own Home-Based Business?
homebased.jpgWe’d like to let you in on something so extremely popular, yet it is still one of the best kept secrets of home-based business opportunities...
Have you ever thought about being an entertainer or a behind-the-scenes entrepreneur or business owner in show business?

No, we’re not talking about one of those “adult entertainment” business, we’re talking about the actual true, legitimate, fun and rewarding business of entertaining happy, smiling audiences while having fun yourself!

Entertainers, Entertainment Companies, Agencies, Event Planners all regularly earn $50.00, $100.00, $500.00, $1,000.00 or more PER HOUR! That’s right, PER HOUR!
couple.jpgThey enjoy a great lifestyle, don’t have to work 40, 50 or 60 hours or more per week for lifestyle-habits7296.jpgsomeone else, and most of all they enjoy what they do. They work for laughing, excited, and applauding audiences. They are appreciated and admired for their work. And best of all, there are dozens of different types of business opportunities available in the entertainment industry, both as a performer or behind-the-scenes. If you have special talents and performing abilities, great. However, many excellent opportunities are available in Entertainment that require no special talents or abilities, just a desire and willingness to learn and succeed. Owning and operating an Entertainment business offers a world of exciting benefits. 
Entertainment...That's Right, Entertainment!

EntertainmentIndustrypoisedforgrowth.jpgWhy do so many experts agree that many Entertainment business opportunities are the most low-risk, high potential businesses?  There are a variety of reasons as you will learn, but the most popular reason is that entertainment is continually needed and required in many types of venues and events, in good economic times or bad. Nightclubs, Weddings, Schools, Fairs, Festivals, Corporate Events, Resorts, Kids Parties...the list goes on and on. The need for Entertainment at these types of events and others is required for their success in all economic times.


Now A 30-Year Veteran Entertainment Industry Insider Reveals The Top Entertainment-Based Career And Business Opportunities... 
Now Available For The First Time ...
Entertainment as a fantastic and moneymaking home-based business opportunity has been a closely guarded secret...Until Now!

Now you can take advantage of these unique and profitable opportunities.ECD-Cover-Plain.jpg

The Entertainment Career & Business Opportunities Directory is written by an experienced industry insider who has enjoyed great success in the entertainment industry for over thirty years as an Entertainer, Agent, Producer and Promoter. 
The Entertainment Career & Business Opportunities Directory is a rare professional business resource featuring over 40 of the most popular entertainment moneymaking business opportunities available today.

Never Before Have These Unique Opportunities Been Featured And Broken Down Into Real World Details Together In One Industry Resource.
To research, study and break down each of these opportunities individually could easily take weeks or months of time and effort. To buy information on each of the entertainment opportunities included could easily cost you $400.00 - $600.00! (if you could even find it).
This Is Why The Entertainment Career & Business Opportunities Directory Is Such An Amazing Value!

Business directories like this regularly cost $79.99, $99.99, $129.99 or even more. If you order this directly through other business sites or stores, or on E-bay it is regularly priced starting at $49.99.

But now, for a very limited time you can receive this valuable information on over 40 exciting entertainment careers and business opportunities
and you won’t have to pay $79.99, or $59.99 or even the normal regular price of $49.95.

By taking advantage of this limited time on-line offer you can now get The Entertainment Career & Business Opportunities Directory for only...



That’s it! And since it’s an e-book there are no extras costs for shipping or handling. Only $27.00 but only for a very limited time as the price may return the regular price of $49.95 after this special promotional price. How’s that for an extremely affordable investment in your own future and financial success? So you will want to take action and act quickly if you want to save money and get The Entertainment Career & Business Opportunities Directory e-book at this very special price only available right here, right now.

Additional Advanced Information Is Also Available For The Preferred Opportunities Of Your Choice


Another great benefit of The Entertainment Career & Business Opportunities Directory e-book is the unique opportunity to receive advanced information and an in-depth business profile on each of the specific opportunities that you decide are of most interest to you. Each in-depth business profile features an initial business plan, startup investments, resources, estimated revenue and profits, a step-by-step action plan, and complete marketing, advertising and promotional strategies to begin your exciting career or business opportunities almost immediately. These are tried and tested methods of today’s top professionals. Each in-depth business profile manual offers insight and insider secrets and details that only come from years of on the job knowledge and experience which, until now, has been highly guarded and confidential.


Entertainment businesses are the perfect business to own and operate. If you have no desire to be an entertainer, there are still many opportunities that allow you to own and operate your business while using other entertainers, performers and talent to fulfill your bookings. Enertainment business allows you to be as hands on or behind the scenes as you desire. These great opportunities can allow you to...


  • Work At Home53c70c5b5d900.preview-620.jpg
  • Be Your Own Boss
  • Start Part-Time or Full-Time
  • Immediate Income
  • Excellent Earning Potential
  • Immediate Income
  • Low Risk, Low Pressure
  • Enjoy Personal & Financial Independence
  • Provide Security For You And Your Family
  • Start With Little Or Minimal Investment
Your Future Is Up To You!

You can continue with what you are currently doing right now, or you can make the first step to take control of your financial future and security by being your own boss and putting your hard-earned efforts to work for yourself.

Take the first step towards success and financial rewards. Take advantage of this unique opportunity and insider’s knowledge into the lucrative, well-paying opportunities available in the entertainment industry. You will be amazed at how easy it is and the many benefits and possibilities these opportunities have to offer.

Imagine having fun, making money doing something you absolutely love for people who praise and appreciate what you do.

There truly is no business like show business & there’s no other directory like The Entertainment Career & Business Opportunities Directory.

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